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How Do Children's Dentists Make The Experience Better For Little Ones?

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If you are a parent whose child needs dental care, you have probably heard the advice to take them to a children's dentist rather than a generalist. Children's dentists do a better job of caring for little ones' dental needs and doing so in a way that makes kids feel relaxed and comfortable. But how do children's dentists do this, and exactly why are they the better choice? Take a look.

Children's dentists have fun waiting rooms.

The waiting room can be a place where patients get more and more anxious, or it can be a place where patients settle in and get comfortable before their appointment. The often-clinical waiting rooms of general dental practices can be boring for kids, which leaves them more time to focus on the upcoming dental treatment. In a children's dental office, there are usually toys and books they can play with, which will distract and calm them.

Children's dentists have kid-friendly flavors.

Mint toothpaste is nice if you're an adult. To a child, the flavor can be overwhelming. Children's dentists usually keep more kid-friendly flavors like bubble gum and cherry on-hand. They may also have flavored fluoride and tastier mouthwash. This can help your child look forward to appointments rather than fearing the yucky taste.

Children's dentists have smaller equipment.

From chairs to drills, children's dentists have equipment that is appropriately sized for little mouths. This usually means your child will not have to open their mouth so wide, and that your child will feel less threatened by the equipment. Children's dentists sometimes also have pet names for their equipment — for instance, they might call their drill "doctor bumpy" — which can help kids feel comfortable and at-ease.

Children's dentists have good tactics to keep kids calm and happy.

Children's dentists tend to be people who are naturally good with kids. After all, they chose to be children's dentists! Since they do this work so often and enjoy it, they become very good at all aspects of it, including calming children down and dealing with other high levels of emotion. You can expect a children's dentist to treat your child kindly and effectively.

In most cases, taking your child to a children's dentist is the preferred route. You can talk to your child about the dentist beforehand to help them feel more comfortable, too. The appointment will go more smoothly with the right dentist and the right mindset.